Offers for businesses and teams

Would you like to share a plan within your team? Don’t know who, when and how much would use the office? We have a solution for that! Your shared plan includes multiple keycards, and your team can share your hours or day passes included in your plan.

Forget the hassle of office management: Taking care of utility bills, checking the cleaning schedule, shopping trips to refill your supplies, and a myriad of other small tasks.

We provide a perfect base camp to complement your home office operation: a place where your team can spend their “office days”. In addition to the daily group calls, your team can meet in person, and meet your clients for a coffee. You can even register your business to our address, and rent a locker for your business documents.

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Are you looking for something else? Book an appointment. We show you our private offices, and discuss all the options we offer.

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Hourly plans

Choose an hourly plan if you need a base camp in the heart of the city to collect your ideas between meetings, and prepare for the next one.

This is ideal if you need a place to meet your clients or your team members.

Just check in when you arrive, and check out as you leave. We keep your team’s attendance by the minute, and we let you know if your plan is running out.

To register, simply click a plan below.

Pay as you go**

20 hours

709 Ft+VAT/hr

14 173 Ft+VAT (18 000 Ft), paid monthly

30 hours

630 Ft+VAT/hr

18 989 Ft+VAT (24 000 Ft), paid monthly

50 hours

551 Ft+VAT/hr

27 559 Ft+VAT (35 000 Ft), paid monthly

100 hours

551 Ft+VAT/hr

55 118 Ft+VAT (70 000 Ft), paid monthly

20 hours

886 Ft+VAT/hr

17 717 Ft+VAT (22 500 Ft), valid for 90 days

30 hours

787 Ft+VAT/hr

23 622 Ft+VAT (30 000 Ft), valid for 90 days

50 hours

693 Ft+VAT/hr

34 646 Ft+VAT (44 000 Ft), valid for 90 days

100 hours

693 Ft+VAT/hr

69 291 Ft+VAT (88 000 Ft), valid for 90 days

Day Pass plans

While many businesses run well from home office, it’s a good idea to have an “office day” with your coworkers to keep you the tight-knit team you are. We recommend our day pass plans for this.

It’s also ideal if some team members didn’t get a taste of home office, and are looking for a professional environment to work from.

Just check in when you arrive, and administration is done for the day. We keep track of the days your team members used the office, and we let you know if your plan is running out of day passes.

To register, simply click a plan below.

Pay as you go**

5 days

3543 Ft+VAT/day

17 717 Ft+VAT (22 500 Ft), paid monthly

10 day

3150 Ft+VAT/day

31 496 Ft+VAT (40 000 Ft), paid monthly

20 days

2953 Ft+VAT/day

59 055 Ft+VAT (75 000 Ft), paid monthly

5 days

4409 Ft+VAT/day

22 047 Ft+VAT (28 000 Ft), valid for 90 days

10 days

3937 Ft+VAT/day

39 370 Ft+VAT (50 000 Ft), valid for 90 days

20 days

3691 Ft+VAT/day

73 819 Ft+VAT (93 750 Ft), valid for 90 days

* Monthly plans renew each month. Your unused hours/day passes are lost at the end of the month. If you spend more hours/days than the number included in your plan, we bill the additional hours/days at your plan’s original rate.
** Pay as you go plan credits are valid for 3 months after purchase.


Basic Services

All memberships include the services below.

24/7 Keycard Access

You can access the office 24/7 using your keycard.

There is a deposit of 2000 Ft+VAT (2540 Ft) for the keycard, refunded upon the return of your card.

Choose between classic keycard and keychain fob.

Canteen with Fridge and Microwave

Whether you take your food from home, or order at one of the local places, you don’t have to eat at your desk. Have lunch in our canteen, and use our food containers for takeaways to reduce waste.

Soda & Syrup
We offer unlimited filtered water and chilled soda to quench your thirst. If you fancy something more fruity, there’s always some syrup by the water station.
Unlimited Coffee & Tea
Our coffee machine and kettle in the kitchen are always at your service. If you have a particular taste, you can use our Nespresso machine with your own capsules.
Receiving Deliveries
Our reception will take your mail and packages, and notify you by e-mail.
Bike Storage & Shower

If you bike to work, feel free to use our dedicated bike storage space within the office, where your bike is safe while you work.

Getting sweaty on the bike, or coming from the gym? No problem! You can freshen up in our shower.

Printing & Scanning
Our double sided office printer & scanner is always at your service. Our plans include 50 pages of black and white print each month. If you need to print more, you can choose a printing package. There’s no limit on scanning.
Are you fine with your laptop, but every once in a while a screen, keyboard, and mouse would come handy? Borrow these from us at no extra cost, and turn your small laptop into a full-fledged workstation.


Add-ons are monthly paid extras for our members on a monthly plan.

Private Locker

Rent a private locker to leave your business documents and personal stuff in the office.

Locker hire costs 2500 Ft+VAT (3175 Ft) per month 

Colour Printing

Our plans include black and white printing only. If you need colour prints, the following prices apply:

  • 1 page: 55 Ft+VAT (70 Ft)
  • 100 pages: 5354 Ft+VAT (6800 Ft)
  • 500 pages: 25 591 Ft+VAT (32 500 Ft)

Volume Printing
Your plan includes 50 prints per month. Do you need to print more? No problem! Purchase printing packages as an add-on:

  • 100 pages: 1181 Ft+VAT (1500 Ft)
  • 500 pages: 5118 Ft+VAT (6500 Ft)